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047 - Happy Ants Wear Red Argyle Flannel (with Carly Ayres)

Episode Summary

This week we open our tabs with Carly Ayres from HAWRAF and discuss farting unicorns, the fake Statue of Liberty, Gender Roles in Design, and the elusive art of working with clients.

Episode Notes

This week on the podcast our special guest is Carly Ayres.

A bit of background: she studied Industrial Design at RISD, she worked for Creative Mornings for 2.5 years from mid 2012 as the Chief Content Officer, she was then a writer and strategist at Google Creative Lab in New York and in September 2016 co-founded HAWRAF, an interactive design and technology studio based in New York. From generative identity systems for orchestras that react to sound to mirrored selfie posters for dental startups, HAWRAF creates interactive communications for consumer-facing brands that help them engage and have more meaningful, authentic interactions with their end users.

Carly has written extensively on the field of design for publications like Core77 and Wallpaper*. She has spoken at conferences from Stockholm to Belfast on how to treat design like a conversation and why you should invite your audience to say something back.

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